Below is a list of commonly asked questions

How safe is kit?

Very safe. When you sign up to kit, our software creates you a unique secret key that we use to encrypt your content with. Without that key it’s not possible to read your content unless you have access to the App itself. It would take years to break our encryption and no-one ever has. We also have a pin code for the App as an extra precaution, in the event your phone is left unlocked.


Where should I save my private key?


You can send it to your email and store it electronically, store it as a note (that you can then delete from the same device) or you can print out the barcode and file it away somewhere. Please note that even if someone has your secret key, anyone trying to set up kit with it would also need access to your email to reset your password and pin.


What happens if I lose my phone?


If you have your secret key then you will be able to retrieve all of your content, except any attachments when you set it up on a new phone.



If you do not have your secret key then once you have logged in, the system will try to retrieve shared cards from people you shared with, but you will lose any private cards and local file attachments.


From a security perspective, assuming you have set a pin on your phone or on kit then, if someone tried to break into it then your data will be encrypted and not possible to access.


I have changed my phone; how do I get my data back?


If you have your secret key then you will be able to retrieve much of your content, except any attachments. If you do not have your secret key then the system will try to retrieve shared cards from people you shared with but you will lose any private cards and attachments.


Can I have kit on more than one device?

Yes, using your secret key you can use kit on more than one device but any attachments are not currently synchronised.


What does the private option do on a detail within a card?

In the event you share a card then, if you make a part of that card ‘private’, it will not be shared. It allows you to keep a part of the card private so only you can see it but you can share the rest rather than creating a new card.


Is there a card limit?


There is a limit of 8 cards for free but no limit on cards shared with you from other kit users. You can unlock kit to be unlimited by subscribing to kit – you will be invited when you reach your 9th card.

Is there a detail/field limit within a card?


We have not set a limit to the amount of detail within a card. However, if you are sharing the card then be aware how others might use it.

What are decks?


Decks are groups of cards. If you have a lot of cards, it’s a way of organising and searching your cards easier.

How do I change my email address?


You are not able to change your email address in the current version.


How do I change my username?


You are not able to change your email address in the current version.


How do I close my account?


If you have used kit and shared important content, then it is not recommended but if you wish to purge our systems then go to Settings / Request Account Deletion and then delete kit from your phone. Please review our Privacy Policy for any data use.


Why are attachment details not showing on recipient devices?


When you share a card with an attachment, the attachment is not sent, it is permanently set to private. We may change this in the future with new subscription plans for attachments.


What happens if I cancel my subscription?


If you cancel your subscription, then on the anniversary date you will only be able to access 8 cards that you created, you will be given the option of which cards you keep. All cards shared with you will work as normal.


Can I access my data when I am offline?


Yes. The content of the card is only on your phone or those you have shared it with, so it does not have to go online to retrieve it. However, it will not update any cards that been changed, shared with you or ones you have changed or updated with others.


Will there be a desktop version?


A desktop version is on our development roadmap for the future so you can use it as a new device, storing content locally.


What is the difference between the free and subscription plans?


The free plan is 8 cards created by you and all cards or content shared with you. Subscription plan is an unlimited number of cards.


What happens if I accidentally share a card with sensitive data


When you become aware of it you can change the content to be private and it will be hidden from the recipient.

If I delete a card, what happens on the recipient’s device?


If you delete a shared card, the recipient will have the option to keep it (at which point it cannot be changed by you as it is a copy) but they still will not be able to view private details. We would recommend you make sensitive information private before you delete it.